Error E7-20 SHARP MX-C402SC

Sep 10, 2018
Ive got a MX-C402SC from Sharp, and it keeps throwing the error code "E7-20" Call for service. Every time I power cycle the printer, it starts working again fine for a few print jobs (The bigger the print jobs, the quicker it will throw the error again.) This error code refers to "LSU-Laser Detection". To fix it you need to "Use SIM61-1 to check the operation of the LSU. Check or replace the LSU control PWB. Check connection of the LSU harness. Replace the LSU."

My questions is this: What is a SIM61-1, and how do I use it? And is there any documentation to show how to access the LSU to check the harness, cables to it, and clean it?

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