ET-2720 Not printing Black

Sep 3, 2022
OK, so I have the Epson Ecotank ET-2720. all colors print fine.

It did sit for about a month not used and had to do a couple of nozzle cleans and also then did a power clean. But the Black ran out. I left it alone, bought new ink, and refilled the color while i was at it and the black. Now it won't print black at all. Did another power clean nozzle clean. also sucked ink from the tube with a syringe, it sucked fine. used a tube and syringe, and flushed the print head out. Comes out fine. no backpressure.
but still no go. even used a syringe and sucked from the cartridge, to bring ink from the tank through the tube into the cartridge, and all flows fine. But just won't print black at all. i printed 5 pages straight through of just a pure black image. nothing. nozzle check shows no black at all.
I ran out of ideas. I emailed Epson support, ummm like forever ago. never got a response.

any ideas at all?
Sep 2, 2022
Is your Epson printer's black ink giving you trouble? Sometimes, it may happen that the printer output page is missing black color, or the page is blank or has very little ink. You may presume the print is running out of ink or has run out of ink. Despite the fact that the cartridge contains black ink, the printer does not print in black. We all know that it is a color without which you cannot complete the printing tasks. So, what should you do if your printer won't print in black? Read this helpful article till the end to learn how to fix Epson XP 440 not printing black.

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