Is it normal for the MFC-L2720DW to making a "clicking" sound before printing and 60 seconds after?

Dec 1, 2016
I just bought a Brother MFC-L2720DW.

Just before it prints, it makes a "clicking" sound.

About 60 seconds after it prints, when the LCD screen automatically goes back to the Home screen, it makes the "clicking" sound again.

This "clicking" sound is reminiscent of a clicking sounding my old Power Supply Unit on my PC would make whenever my PC awoke and went to sleep. Problem is, that PSU died less than 2 years after buying it, which is why I'm concerned about this similar "clicking" sound on my brand new printer.

Here is a video where you can see the click (you can hear it clearly 3 seconds before the video ends when the LCD screen goes back to the Home screen):

My question is: is this "clicking" sound before and after printing normal on the MFC-L2720DW?

Please confirm. Thank you.

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