Print on normal roll paper

Jan 8, 2015
Hello everybody

I have a normal white roll paper with size --->( 5cm x 50m) and i want to print on it...
at the start of the paper i want to print an (*). after 3cm the second(*), after 7cm the same, after 6cm the same, after 5cm the same, after 10cm the same... etc until to complete the first 250cm of the paper. almost 30 (*)... for example...

Then i want to repeat all this 20 times on the roll paper -----> 250cm x 20times = 50m

i design this thing on corel draw (the first 250cm with the asterisks) an i saved it as pdf.

what kind of printer do i need who its can support this mini roll paper? i dont care to do something else with high quality and etc...

Something clever to print asterisk or signs on the paper and repeat it... anything old printer or receipt printer or (dot matrix?) i dont know... if someone can help me.. to complete this project...

Sorry for my bad english... the last 20 days i m looking for it but whatever i have found is to expensive... the only thing that matters for me is to print (*)... no colours and high quality printings
please help me

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