False Paper Jam error 34.04A

Jan 28, 2021

I’m getting weird error on my new CX522 Lexmark AIO printer.

I googled it and there is no mention of the error code
anywhere, not even at Lexmark support.

The error is “Paper Jam 34.04A.” (screenshot attached)

I Checked the printer and there is no Paper jam.

The Only thing to do is to click below the error line below
on display “Finished removing jammed pages”. When I do that, the actual page
prints, it looks like error will clear, but after printing finishes error comes
back over and over. The only way to clear error completely is to power cycle
the printer.

Then it will print ok few jobs but then error comes back.

I have 3 other model printers like that, and I’m having nothing
but constant trouble.

Please advice

Thank you


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