Good Printer for Home-Run Business

Sep 23, 2017
Hi all,

I currently have a side-hustle which is designing and printing vinyl stickers from a small home-run business. I create the stickers using a Canon Pixma Pro 100s which does a great job, plus is easy to reflill with some great quality third party inks.

What I need next is a "normal" inkjet printer for doing invoices, leaflets etc. I tried doing some quick research but there are sooo many options that I thouht it might be easier to ask on here! I think my key criteria are:

1) Price - I imagine somewhere around the £200 mark as an upper limit
2) Ability to easily refill the Pixma Pro carts are very easy to refll and the quality of the ink is superb, so was hoping for something along similar lines
3) Must be able to print decent quality colour images (important for leaflets, examples of my work etc). I'm not expecting photo-quality though as I have the Pixma Pro for that
4) Not massive in terms of space requirements as I have limited space in my small office (basically the spare bedroom)
5) I'm in the UK, if that makes a difference.

In short I'm after a decent inkjet printer suitable for "admin" type tasks that also prints fairly decent colour and is cost-effective and easy to refill and in the £200 cost ballpark. If anyone has any ideas or recommendations then that would be great! :)


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