Printer Won't Connect To New Home Network

Feb 1, 2017
I recently switched internet providers from U-Verse to TWC and now my HP color laserjet MFP 175nw printer won't connect wirelessly to the new network. When I try to connect using the WPS button on the router, I get an error message that the attempt failed. I suspect it might be because the TWC router is using IPv6 protocol which my printer does not recognize. It only recognizes IPv4. I can print from my MacBook using a USB cable so I know the printer works. Can anyone confirm that this is the problem and suggest a solution short of buying a new printer. Would using an HP Jetdirect print service be a solution? Thanks for any help.


Dec 7, 2016
If Internet provider provided new router, then you must re-program your wireless printer to new router setup.
New password or shared key, new SSID, new network name, encryption, etc.

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