What type of A3+ printer for seldom home printing

Mar 24, 2014
Pls advise someone what to buy today with the following parameters (depending on preference):
1 / A3 - A3+ size (330x480mm)
2 / low volume printing, not frequent (nozzle clogging problem)
3 / acceptable cartridges price
I have experience with older HPDesignJet30 or Epson1800, Canon9550. Best for drying nozzles/sporadic printing was the HP. Prices of supplies are quite high. The other two are ink gluttons. Laser for photo +format the doesn't come into consideration.
May share someone with own experience?
thx Peter
Jun 4, 2016
Hi bluenite,

Whatever you buy, the only way to prevent clogging is to use it. My workhorse A3+ printer is an Epson P1400 but that does maybe 10 prints each day and I use a Fotospeed refillable cartridge system - never gets blocked and ink is affordable.

Laser printers are pants if you want to print photos ... been there done that :(

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