Printer for multiple paper types

Jun 6, 2017

I'm working at a start-up company developing a product for life science research. Our product has one component that's toxic so we are subject to hazardous materials shipping rules.

Shipping Hazmat with UPS needs a ton of different labels. You print a destination shipping label on a sticky label. Then you print the hazardous material name, hazard class, packing group, ect. on a special type of paper UPS provides. Finally you print the shipping manifest, and packing list on regular paper and give those to the carrier and put them in a pouch on the box. 3 types of paper per package.

So... I want a laser printer with at least 3 trays and have it take from the one I need. The UPS software will do individual print instructions for each type of page, so that's not a problem. I don't want one of the big $2-5k printers though, I ship 3-5 boxes a week, not 10k.

Any suggestions?

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