Issue with duplex printer and odd pages when printing multiple copies

Jan 15, 2020
Hello. I am the owner of a Samsung ProXpress SL-M4070FR device for 2-3 years now and overall I am very happy with it, although it's my wife who uses it the most. Recently I have noticed something in its functionality though which I cannot figure out how to solve it.

When I want to print a document which is 1 page only and let's say I want to print 2 copies, the 2nd copy is printed on the back side of the sheet instead of a new sheet. Is there any setting or any way which I can instruct the printer to print on a new sheet whenever a document with an odd page number completes printing a copy?

I always use duplex printing and I also have the Skip blank pages option set ON (I tried setting it to OFF with no luck). I don't want to disable the printing on both sides (i.e. duplex) setting whenever I want to print multiple copies of the document and check if the document has odd or even number of pages.

Appreciate your help,


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