Help deciding on printer?

Jul 28, 2015
I have a brother 440cn. The black and magenta started printed all messed up. I tried to clean, and got the black a little better. I was going to try and use airline tubing with some cleaner to flush the lines, but have been so busy with my grandfather dieing, then my grandmother falling and breaking her hip, along with a lot of other stuff, i just havent had the time.

Having stuff I really needed to print out, I bought the Epson Workforce 3640 at Walmart for $129

Features I was looking for were:
2 printing trays
quality image printing,
airprint and android cloud print
easy to refill the cartridges (these seem small and look like they will be just as hard to refill the cartridges as the 440cn, unless i but after market cartridges.

I really like the printer, and the price was great! However, I havent read the best reviews on image quality printing (I currently print most text, and the occasional pictures, which I want to come out good.)

Eventually, if things start to line up in life, I would like to possibly print on T-shirt transfers to sell, and labels/decals on any projects I may come up with to sell. Possibly even vinyl printing. I'm not 100% sure yet on all of this. It all depends on what the future may or may not hold.

I would like some opinions as I think the 15 day return policy is up today (it's 4am) or tomorrow.

I cant afford an expensive printer, and would like a printer that has good image quality, good scanning, two paper trays, cartridges that are easy to refill (actually I think I did a good a job of describing above what I'm looking for.

What is everyone's opinion on this printer?
Should I keep it, or does anyone have any suggestions on a better, affordable printer/all in one that has everything I'm looking for?

IF I cant figure out something quickly, I MIGHT return this one, and buy it again to give myself an extra 2 weeks.

Thanks so much for your help!


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