Help - Ripping a Working Scanner from a Broken Epson CX7400 Printer (With Pics)

Mar 31, 2014
Hello Everyone, I need some much required assistance.

Printer: Epson CX7400
Status: Error E-01 (paper jam error)

It is an error on the printers mechanism side.

The printer has been giving a E-01 error since the last one month. I tried everything. The printer service manual points out these possible errors:

1) Problem with scanner/ CR / PF motors (But they are fine)
2) The lever compression spring might have come off (It hasn't)
3) Issue with either the paper guide unit or CR scale (No problem here)
4) FFC encoder cable (No problem here either)

So in short, I've given up fixing the print mechanism.

Right now, I'm trying to salvage the scanner/B]

I've uploaded some pics

1) The mainboard -
2) Mainboard zoom left -
3) Mainboard zoom top -
4) mainboard zoom right -

So we have the following cables

1) Scanner FFC cable
2) Scanner motor cable
3) PE sensor cable
4) Main power supply cable
5) PF motor cable
6) CR motor cable
7) PF encoder FFC
8) Front display panel FFC
9) Head FFC 1
10) Head FFC 2
11) Head FFC 3

I've tried this:
Removed all cables except 1, 2, 4 and 8
But I still get an E01 error which means the printer is stuck. It won't let me use the scanner

Any solutions will be greatly helpful

Thank you folks
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