Help w/ Gray Images and Backgrounds

Jan 25, 2013
Hi, whenever I print gray images or page fill in gray I get ominous colored images over the gray. This happens identically in both pdf995 docs with gray images, as well as word 2010 starter ed. with page fill gray.

I have a Konica-Minolta 7450 II laser printer. When I spoke with Konica-Minolta they suggested this is def a paper issue and that I should try this route. I'm trying to find the right paper as coated gloss is giving me probs while regular paper does not.

I do enjoy the sleek feel of the gloss, but not sure I need the luster. So, perhaps you might suggest a good way to go on that (my docs are all pdf995 or Word 2010 starter ed.) Maybe a semi-gloss? Thanks for any help!!

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