HL-L2340DW worse than my old HL-2130

Jan 27, 2016
I'd pretty much exhausted the drum on my HL-2130 and the prints were becoming a bit patchy and rather than spend money on a new drum I bought a HL-L2340DW.

Straight away I noticed that I was unable to use Toner Save mode as the prints were far too faint with that on. With my HL-2130 I had this permanently enabled and the prints were fine.

I exhausted the supplied toner cartridge after about 755 pages of text (around 5% coverage), so bought a CiberDirect compatible cartridge, which is highly reviewed on Amazon. At first I thought it was faulty but after being advised to give it a gentle shake in case the toner had settled during transit and charge the Corona wire by sliding the green tab on the drum a few times, it worked fine and I printed about 50 pages, although I still had to leave Toner Save disabled.

I found with both the original and the replacement cartridge that scanned or faxed pages which have a bit of a faded dark background in places, rather than being completely white, printed this background much darker than my HL-2130 ever did and I had to decrease Print Density to -3 to print those and then reset it for printing other documents, which is annoying as I never had to touch this setting with the HL-2130. Apart from that, the text printed dark enough and wasn't patchy.

However, a few days later and today I go to do some urgent printing and find it's coming out too faint and patchy again. Even with the worn out drum on my HL-2130, the prints with Toner Save on are about the same as on the new printer with Toner Save off and if I compare both printers with Toner Save disabled, the prints are noticeably darker on the HL-2130 (but due to the worn out drum some text is a bit patchy in places and no good for documents I need to send to other people).

I've upgraded the firmware from 1.10 to 1.12 and installed the latest driver from the website but neither have made any difference. Has anyone else had trouble with this printer and managed to fix it, as I urgently need to do some printing today?

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