HL-L8360CDW printer duplex problems

Jun 24, 2019
When I print a single page document, my office letterhead stationary must be one direction in the printer. When I print to it from a duplex document, the stationary must be the opposite direction and upside down. Is there a way that I can set it so that the printer prints the same direction with simplex and duplex? It's a nuisance to have to switch the paper every time I need to print duplex.

I am on an iMac running OS Mojave 10.14.5

See that attached file for an example of what is happening.



  • duplex examples-3.pdf
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Dec 5, 2019

This does seem utterly ridiculous: having to change the paper direction in the tray if your letter has one or more than one side is - well, words literally fail me. Suffice to say it is massively impractical for a shared printer. I've tried adding a second blank page, but there's no fooling my printer. You can add a second blank page then print something on it with the font colour set to white so it does not actually print. I'd suggest "f*&^%$g printer". Or do it in the normal colour with something like "Left Intentionally Blank because these idiots at <printer manufacturer> don't think I get enough exercise."

You'd then want to put everything in as if it were a 2 sided document and, on one sided documents, add a page break and a line of text, which you can set up as an autotext entry.

There has to be a better way than that, but I have no idea what it is.

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