HP 4050TN Printer & HP 4M Plus

Jun 19, 2013
We have migrated to some new PC's currently running Windows 7 64 bit. The other PC's were Windows 7 32 bit. On our 4050 printer we can print from all trays with the exception of Tray 3 that we use for bond. I'm using a HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v6.60) driver. Any suggestions?

Also on the 4 MPlus - I know it's older than all get out. We previously would assign letterhead to the lower large capacity tray and the 2nd sheet that matches our letterhead to the upper tray. Of course with new drivers, those designations are no longer available. If I choose Tray 2 (the bottom tray) where the letterhead is located, it prints from Tray 1. Any advice other than to get a new PC, or just move the actual letterhead to Tray 1?


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