HP Color LaserJet 2550L prints a page with a smiley face periodically

Jul 1, 2007
I print to an HP Color LaserJet 2550L printer on my home network. The printer is connected to a desktop system, and my laptop is connected wirelessly. There are 4 computers connected to the home network, and two are wirelessly-connected laptops. Additionally, all systems run Windows XP, and there are 2 other printers connected to the network. No one has experienced any problems whatsoever printing documents to the LaserJet.

For some unknown reason, however, the LaserJet periodically (~15-30 minutes) prints a page with a smiley face and a small black square next to it. The other two printers don't do this. One of the other two printers is connected to the same system as the LaserJet, and the other is connected to my laptop system.

I must shut off the LaserJet when it's not in use for a while, or it will waste a lot of paper printing these spurious pages.

Does anyone have a solution for this mysterious behavior? My only theory is that there is a printer driver problem, and I've tried in vain to find a fix on the HP website. I've also tried reinstalling the driver and updating it.

Please help! Thanks...

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