HP Color LaserJet 4730 (10.00.01 Supply Memory Error)

Oct 9, 2016
Hello, we are from a private school in greece and have a problem with Hp 4730 printer. The previous months it was working well and then suddenly error "10.00.01 Supply Memory Error" appears every time. The only way to skip this error is to disable catridge check and open and close the catridges cap, but that isn't a good solution because printer sometimes restarts and error reappears. I know it means that the cyan catridge needs replace but that doesn't work too, if we replace cyan then the error appears to other number 10.00.00 or 10.00.02 also if remove any of these catridges or even all of of them that error still appears. So i think its a chip on the printer faulty that can't read the catridges well.

I want to ask if anyone knows what chip can be the problem in this case. And if that chip has a name so we can search and buy it and if there is any guide how replace this chip on the printer if its easy. Thanks!

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