HP Color LaserJet Pro M451dn - "Jam in tray 1"

Oct 11, 2021
Hi all,

I have a M451dn for my home office. Yes, overkill but I *thought* it would've last longer than this given my good track record with the CP2025dn which is basically the same. I purchased this in 2014 so it is around 6-7 years old, and the web GUI says it's printed less than 5,000 pages.

The problem right now is that when trying to print from any PC or even the internal report pages, when the printer should be picking up a sheet, it immediately stops and says "Jam in tray 1"... even though I am attempting to print from tray 2. Checking for a jam, there are no signs of paper anywhere, and I'm sure of this. Additionally, the LCD says to press OK when clear but nothing happens when pressing OK. I have to power off and on the printer. When I do this, the printer sometimes, but not all, ejects a blank sheet of paper. I can sometimes print a single sheet from tray 1, but the 2nd sheet always fails, and I have yet to print anything from tray 2.

Researching this problem on the web points to no solution and to replace the printer. I have the service manual but there are no troubleshooting steps for this error.

If anyone has had success resolving this problem, please let me know. I've essentially accepted that I need to buy a new printer. I'm also pondering if it's even worth trying to part this out or see as-is for someone to attempt refurbishment.

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