HP ColorLaserJet Pro M452dn - Traces on printouts

Jun 14, 2023
Hello everyone,

I'd like to get help from you knowledgeable folks.

My device :
HP ColorLaserJet Pro M452dn

The issue :
It started two weeks ago. The printer's overlaying any printouts with a half-moon shaped symbol. See the attached picture for a good example of the issue.

What I've done so far :
- I tried swapping all cartridges.
- I tried running a "cleaning" through the printer functions.
- I opened both the front and back door to inspect the inside. The printer itself is remarkably clean. All rollers or moving part that I could see were pretty clean too. There's a grayish flim-like paper in the middle of the machine that seems to be used to support the paper as it get imprinted. The cartridges are hovering over that... "conveyor ?". Well, it's super clean too. There was a tiny bit of excess ink on the black cartridge but that isn't the cause of the issue.

The weird thing is that the traces are half-moon shaped and I didn't see anything inside the bowels of that monster that could've left such traces on the paper.

Now, I'm not a printer specialist or anything to me printers are plastic boxes full of gear, plastic bits and magic. Still, I'm able to do basic repair and stuff. So if anyone here can give me an idea of what's causing this I'd very much like to repair / fix the printer instead of buying a new one. It's better for the planet too.
Feb 1, 2022
I could not view the image that you posted, but moon shapes traces on the copies is likely the Fixing film. I have the same experience and had to replace the Fuser unit for 2 machines

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