HP Designjet 3100 / 3200 Carriage stuck - wont uncap.

Nov 26, 2019

First of all, im from Denmark, so sorry for any bad spelling.

The carriage on my designjet is stuck in the right side.
It just moves a little and then stops.
I have removed the right side cover and unplugged the printerheads - they were pretty greasy during long times in no use.

I have tried to manually uncap the printerheads from the backside with a TX10 but nothing happends.
Its just like something is blocking the way for the carriage.
It looks like the color sensor bumps into the service station when trying to moving the carriage.

Pictures shows the color sensor and the the carriage.
Movie shows the carriage bumps into something.
I have shared the video in the llink:


Hopefully some off you guys knows what to do.

Best regards

Lars Christensen


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