HP designjet 70

Mar 20, 2019
Just discovered this great forum and i hope somebody can help me with my printer problem.
As stated i am an owner of a hp designjet 70 plotter which is capable of printing up to A2 papers or paper roll.
I have successfully repaired the printer over the past years twice, once on the psu and once on the ink pump system. (i have basic knowledge of electronics) For the last 3 years the printer has been working flawlessly.. until yesterday.

In the middle of a print the ink carriage assembly stopped moving and a small hourglass appeared on the printer screen.
i waited for a few minutes and then unplugged the printer because it refused to continue or shut down. I then turned it back on, and after a few seconds heard the beep that tells me that everything is ok and i could send a print from my pc. There where no errors on the printer screen, everything looked normal. After sending a new print to the printer from my pc, the small hourglass reappeared on the printer screen. This time it did not print at all. I repeated the process a couple of times with no luck, and decided to replace the printheads (all four of them), even though there was no printhead error. No luck again except that the printer has entered a loop trying to allign the printheads, but producing only a small black rectangle one the top left corner of the page, and the the hourglass appears and i have to unplug it again.

Has anybody have any experience on this type of failure? I mean i know there is a fault somewhere but haven't the slightest clue where to begin.. Could it be a mainboard failure? Or a ink carriage failure? a sensor somewhere?

Thanks to everybody who is patient enough to read this message.

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