HP Designjet 500 err 86.01

Sep 24, 2013
Can anyone help with this error, I have checked numerous forums and I am aware it is a paper jam or can be caused by worn belt, to me this is effectively an axis motor overload.
I got this printer from someone who had obviously had a go previously, it had a missing carriage bush and both screws missing from service station. Got that sorted but problem still there, belt looks brand new with very little dust around axis motor, have replaced trailing cables as a few solder contacts were ragged and tatty, new carriage and cleaned and oiled guide rods. Also I have a new encoder strip (not yet fitted) as original looks ok. On power up it goes through diagnostics and carriage moves about 1/4" to the left and back to position then error code 86.01 is displayed, this happens wherever I position the carriage. I have tried system check but it locks out when attempting to drive the carriage. Can a faulty axis motor give this error code? also can axis motor driver board give same code? If so does anyone know a method to check either or both of these components.


Realised there may be more to this than just this fault, I assume it shouldn't power up until the on/off button is pressed, unfortunately this one does (it powers up immediately when plugged in). Also it doesn't power down when in fault mode, I haven't yet tried it in engineer mode but will do. The steady green power LED changes to a flashing green light after being pressed, constant on and off with the panel displaying the same error code. This is looking expensive.

Any help appreciated
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