HP Designjet T1100 rattles after booting. Then: "Restart printer. In case of continuous error..."

May 15, 2022

I hope you can help me.
I have a very annoying problem.
Bought used months ago, startup and menu usability was OK, nothing printed yet, and now possibly defective (?!?).
I had the device unused without power at the same location.

Is it known why a HP Designjet T1100 has a rattling noise after startup, and how to fix it?
Without "technician" etc..
Strange. I hadn't tested it myself for a print yet, but had it booted up and was in the menus.
Today I wanted to print something, and after powering up it rattles, then says error.
Is it something mechanical (because of the noise)?
What would I have to remove for checking?
Very annoying, already the transport was an act....
Disposal yard, or what can I do?
There should even be a new print head inside...


The rattling comes from a small gear or two gears on the far left in the center under the structure visible from above.
You can reach there with your fingers and feel how the small wheel turns, and the slightly larger one seems to move sideways as well, causing the noise.
The print head moves back and forth again before this.

The error message in the title does not have to be exactly the error message in English.
I have translated it.
In case anyone is wondering.

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May 15, 2022
There is an error message "47:01".
And I made a video, extracted a still image, and rotated it.
You can see it in the attachment.
This is the source of the noise.
Is that something that will wear out now if I let it rattle to test, or not a problem?
And here a video:


  • Designjet T1100 - Rattles after switching on, two gears on the left side - close-up view.jpg
    Designjet T1100 - Rattles after switching on, two gears on the left side - close-up view.jpg
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