HP Inkjet 8710 and 8740 rejecting Costco refills?

Jul 17, 2011
I've used Costco to refill our cartridges for years. Twice they had a problem and proactively acknowledged same and you were asked to wait for their receipt of a new cartridge chip when HP changed their OEM chip. Otherwise, no problem.

Until now. ALL of our refilled cartridges (~12+) will not work.

Both of our machines respond the same. Normally, you install a 3rd party cartridge the machine runs it check and notifies you of the non-HP cartridge and I think wants an 'ok' and after doing so, and all is fine.

This time the message (from both machines) says something like bad cartridge, try re-inserting and if no go replace and provides an option to HIDE the message. But the machine has not accepted the cartridge.

I can't find reference to any similar, generalized problem on search.

I'm wondering if HP did something over the air that has restricted use to only HP?

Can someone here shed some light?


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