HP Laserjet: Making black comet-like horizontal streaks

Feb 7, 2016
When printing I get black horizontal streaks across my paper (described below and photo attached).
I have an HP Color Laser Jet CP1215. It has been a great sturdy printer. It has printed a lot of quality prints for me.
Could it be the brand of black toner that I am using? ( I would rather hear that I just need to pop off X and wipe down X and its all done. I'm all in support of immediate quick fixing when possible.)

There are 2 small vertical flecks, followed by a black streak. These appear every 2.5 cm down the page. Following each of thos, 1.5 cm down the page, appears a small streak that starts in 9.5 cm and ends at 13.5cm. The 1st fleck is lowercase L shaped and the 2nd is uppercase L-like. Neither are crisp nor bold, they appear 7.5 centimeters into the page. The comet-like streak boldly appears at 9.25 cm into the page and it tapers off and ends at the 15 cm mark (it is 6m long).


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