HP M254dw printing graphics in PDF wrong from iPad

Jan 10, 2016
In the photo below are two prints of the same PDF document, both sent from my iPad. The one on the right, in which the barcode and the logo appear completely wrong, was printed from my HP Color LaserJet M254dw. The one on the left, which looks how the document looked on screen before printing, was printed from another printer.
Barcode thing.jpg

I have never had this problem before with the M254dw, which I have owned for about three weeks, but I have had it twice today. in both cases (this document and the other one), the document was produced by the website of bpost, the Belgian postal service. In the other document too, all the text and black lines were fine, but the barcode printed as a black box.

I tried sending the same document from my Samsung Android phone to the M254dw and it printed fine.

In other words this is a problem that only occurs when the iPad is used in combination with the M254dw and only, so far, when printing documents produced by the bpost website. What is going on here? is this a problem with the printer, with Appleā€™s driver, or with the bpost site?

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