HP M401n goes from "printing document" to “cancelling document” to "Ready" back and forth.

Dec 1, 2017


Printer model:

HP M401n

Print Frequency:

Every Day

Firmware version:

Firmware Update: 20160224


Networked to 100Mbps 5-port switch. 5-port switch connected to managed 24-port gigabit.

Current OS:

Windows 10 for me, Windows 7 for my normal users, Ubuntu Linux from POS software.

# of Machines Tried:


# of Users Tried:


Applications Tried:

Word, Excel, Notepad, Proprietary POS...

Error Messages:

Printing Document, Cancelling Document, Ready

Cartridges Used:

Tried a CE505X and CE505A to solve a different problem.

What steps you have already tried?

  • Step 1 - Rebooted
  • Step 2 - Factory Reset
  • Step 3 - Upgraded Firmware

No pics.
Dec 7, 2016
Windows 7 and Win 10 users experience same problem. Therefore must be printer problem.
You may try this:

Power on printer
Immediately uplug printer from wall socket for couple minutes
Restore power plug
Turn-on printer

Try printing again

You can also try printing direct from computer and not through network. Could be interference to network signal.

Hopefully problem existed prior Firmware Upgrade. Otherwise problem could be Upgrade.
You say you upgraded firmware. However Firmware dated 2016. Perhaps that is latest Firmware available.

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