HP MFP M476dw

Dec 17, 2022
Hey, just been given the above printer with a fuser error 50.2. So followed all the advice of plugging into a wall socket etc to no avail.

Pulled the fuser out and it would seem that the element has a resistance of about 60R, which would seem about right for its type. Not able to check thermisters as i didn't have any wires handy that would sit in the plugs.

Checked the voltage and it sat at about 136 then during startup it went up to 240. Trouble is this is withought the load of the fuser of course...

Sooo, given people's experience with these machines, can the fuser element appear ok but then sort of break down when current flows? Or is it more likely I am looking at a more problematic fault here?

Had to put it all together for now as need the room but I might put a flying lead on the fuser element so that I can measure the current flowing and see if voltage stays at 240v. In hindsight I should have felt for warmth straight after the test which might have helped...

Any thoughts appreciated. Looks to be a real nice laser but not knowing on the general condition not sure how much effort to go to!


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