HP Officejet 8500 Pump Motor Stalled

Mar 8, 2010
I bought the Officejet 8500. I followed the directions exactly, but when I first turned it on, all it would do is is jam paper. So I returned it to CostCo and got another one. I installed it and it worked fine for about 2 weeks. Then I got this message that the paper had jammed. So I opened the back and removed the jammed paper as the directions said, and tried to print again. But even though I had double checked, there was no paper in it anywhere, it still said that it had a paper jam. So I power cycled it, and when I tried to print I heard this clicking noise, and it still said that it had a paper jam. So I took it back to CostCo and got a third printer. This time it worked for another couple weeks, with no problems. But today I printed two sheets that worked fine and then a few minutes later I got this message that said "Pump Motor Stalled". I am beginning to think this product is total garbage, but since I got it at CostCo. I will keep returning it and getting another one until one lasts more than a couple weeks. Calling HP tech support has always been a joke, which is why I never buy printers any place except CostCo. Prior to buying this printer, I had a Photosmart C6180, which lasted only a few days after the warranty ended. I wish someone would file a class action suit against all of the games and inferior products that HP produces, like putting limits on how long an ink cartridge will work. I think it is a year, and after that time, even though you have plenty of ink, it will no longer work. The onlt good thing that I can say about HP, is they are not any worse than Lexmark or Cannon, because we have had many of them in our office also with on going problems

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