HP OfficeJet 8500 Wireless-Cartridge Printing Problem

Jul 3, 2012

I have the following issue with my HP Officejet 8500 wireless. I have refilled all four Cartridges and the printer printed for a while, after a few days came the massage “yellow Cartridge (sometimes magenta) is used up and printing is not possible, although all the cartridges are refilled with ink and full.

I have an original old yellow HP cartridge. It's almost empty with an expired date. When I install this old cartridge, the message "yellow Cartridge used up, printing is not possible" disappears, after that I put in the first refilled yellow Cartridge and the printer can print again without any messages or problems, but after a few days the message with "used up yellow Cartridge and no printing" appears again.
I know it is related to the cartridge chip and it can't be reset. How can I solve the problem?

Thank you
Jul 10, 2012
Unfortunately some refilled cartridges are just not up to scratch. I remember a Laser Printer I had once and ordered 2 toner cartridges online and shortly after the first one was installed I had really poor print problems. I suspected the printer itself after I had a paper jam. It turned out that the toner cartridges were just not fully compatible. As soon as I used a genuine cartridge all problems disappeared.

If you want to use refilled cartridges them maybe use a different supplier.
Feb 25, 2013
the solution is as follows:
Partial reset:

Turn off the printer then disconnect the power cord at the back of the printer.

Wait for 20 seconds then press and hold # and 3 while reconnecting the power cord.

When the printer turns on, release both buttons. Try printing again.

FULL reset:

While the printer's power is on, disconnect the power cord at the back of the printer.

Wait for 1minute then press and hold # and 9 while reconnecting the power cord.

Let me know the results,

Adrian- Tech Support for SuppliesOutlet
Mar 18, 2013
Sometimes, as mentioned, carts just have problems. It could be something else, but since works a few days, then acts up, sounds more like the cart. Do you have / can get another to test?

That's the only msg it gives? Not throwing any codes, like ink system failure?

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