I need a new printer. Any recommendations?

Aug 2, 2017
Hi all.
Please could someone help?
My second and final HP Officejet 7500A finally packed up. It's been getting worse for lots of reasons and now the black cartridge won't recognise at all. I bought a HP Officejet 7612 only to discover it uses pigment ink which won't print well on the £300 roll of transparency paper I bought. I have no real experience of Epson or Canon. I only do about 20 prints a month but these are fully saturated - over-printed black on black edge to edge A3 transparencies. (printed on A3+ then overlaid aligned and trimmed to 400x300)

Here a list of must haves:
  • A3+
  • Dye ink (transparency printing)
  • separate CMYK carts
  • easy cheap NON-OEM cartridge availability or CISS at a pinch
  • consistent paper handling
  • Windows 10 drivers
And would also like:
  • Wifi connectivity
  • All in 1 or Scanner (A4 is OK) for 1 touch copying. I don't need fax but will take it.
Non crucial:
  • Print speed
  • Super fine definition.
  • ink ordering services
  • web printing
This is what I'm trying to print:

Many thanks for any suggestions.

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