ICC/Colour Matching for Older Models

Jan 18, 2022
I apologise for such a novice question - while I work with printers regularly for some design pieces, don't ask me to set them up :eek:

I usually work with my Epson Ecotanks for my designs which are set up with custom ICC profiles provided and works well.
However, I have recently had to use my old Canon Pixma TS5051 for a certain design due to borderless and other areas and I just can not get the colors to match.
I've scoured the internet for profiles, trialled and errored many and sadly the manufacturer of the silk matt photo paper I use does not have a custom profile.

Is there such a thing as an ICC profile pre-Pro or a colour matching system I could purchase? While it is not a commonly used printer, It was my first and works well with some of my pieces, and would want to try and find a way to set this up correctly.


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