Ink Bleeding effect. Any ideas on what it is?

Aug 11, 2016
Hey there guys I'm fairly new to Brother printing. I currently work for a company that uses Brother GT-3 model printers. They are about 3 years old and each prints about 700 shirts a day. I currently watch over the Quality control department and try to find consistent forms of damages and find ways to fix them or minimize them. We have come across a common form of damage that we experience about 5 -10 times a day and i am trying to figure out a way to fix the problem.

I notice it only happens to shirts that have multiple colors overlapping each other. They also all have to use the pretreat chemical that allows for white ink to lay on the shirts. It also happens on thin layer shirts such as poly/tri blends and some American Apparel 100% cotton shirts. I don't see it happen on Gildan, Anvil, or Sweaters and jackets. It seems that one of the colors will bleed into the other colors. At first we thought it was because of Over use of pretreat on the garment but when i try to replicate the damage by using the same shirt and print i can never consistently replicate it nor can i get the same severity of the print. I'll include methods of testing. please let me know if you guys have experienced this and if you found a way to avoid it.

Used 5 shirts with multiple colors in the graphic

First test. Used a high amount of pretreat and completely dried it. It did not produce the problem.

Second test. Used a high amount of pretreat with multiple colors in the graphic but left it slightly moist. I sometimes could replicate the issue but it never was as bad as the original so I am not sure if that's the actual cause of it.

Third Test. Again high amount of pretreat but left it pretty wet. Only dried it a little bit. Still was unable to consistently replicate the issue.

Fourth test. Left shirts slightly moist and i lowered the platen height to the fifth notch. Only one print came out very bad. Heavy bleeding in the forehead and teeth of the graphic.

I will include photos of some of the Prints. The damages that we experience have a vvariation of the photos. Some are Extremely bad and others are minor.

Please Let me know if you have experienced this and how you went about solving it or minimizing it.
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