Inkjet - No Color

Aug 5, 2011
Uh oh, zero replies to threads here...

I have a Canon Pixma MP460 inkjet printer that prints fine in B&W but gives absolutely zero color.

Connection: USB
Operating Systems: Debian Testing
Problem Type: No color

Please provide the exact problem description
I know the cart is being recognized, as when I remove it an error code. But it is just not printing color. I did the deep cleaning, but no good. I know the cart is not empty, but it has sat for a good while

Please provide previous troubleshooting steps, or information that can
help Canon assist you:
1. I replaced the color cartridge. It had shown no error.
2. I cleaned the print heads. No improvement.
3. I deep-cleaned the print heads. No improvement.
4. I put in another new ink cartridge, thinking the other may have been
defective. No improvement.

Has anything changed since the unit functioned properly?
(Installation of software, setting, cabling etc.):
No. Note: The ink cartridges I use are Canon brand.

Are you receiving a specific error code, if so please enter here:
Aug 6, 2011
I have an MP600 and there's a button on it to switch between printing in color and BandW for scanning and there's a usually option when you go to print.

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