Installing probs XP-830

Nov 23, 2017

I am trying to install my Epson XP-830 but cannot go past the date/time setting. Gives an error code QxEA and asks me to turn off the printer. What can I do? Have checked that all the tapes etc. are away.

Thanks for any info!
Dec 7, 2016
What operating system do you have (Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac)?
Do you have original Epson Install CD?
Is printer USB connected?

QXEA Common error that occurs when the carriage is jammed due to the packaging material being stuck in way. Cartridges may not be seated properly.

Ensure there is no material or tape stuck inside and the cartridges are seated properly.
Re-seat cartridges (remove and re-install each cartridge - Push down and listen for definite click)
If you cant remove cartridges because carriage locked to right, turn power on and immediately unplug
power cord from wall outlet. Move Carriage to center.

Here is Youtube video that may help:


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