IPPS printing on HP M404dn

Apr 21, 2022

I am trying to setup IPPS printing on HP M404dn, I am new at this and I have a couple of questions:

1.Is there some step by step tutorial for this setup because I could not find anything in official printer documentation?Also HP support is useless.

2.Which path I need to chose to connect to printer, i tried https://printerHostName:443/printer and https://printerHostName:443/printers/lp1, none of them worked, maybe i need to use different path?

3.What is the difference between these two options on printer web interface and which one i need to use to setup IPPS:

a)Create a New Self-Signed Certificate

b)Create a Certificate Request

Create the certificate request that is given to a Certificate Authority (CA). The certificate request will be used to generate a certificate for you.

I already tried to use option a) and create a self signed certificate with common name same as my printer host name, installed that certificate on my PC but still can't establish IPPS connection, I am getting error Windows could not connect to the printer.
Option b) I can't understand, i can export certificate request but don't know where or to whom i should send it to generate certificate for me?

Also I enabled Internet Printing Protocol on my PC, and i can add this printer over IPP but I want to use IPPS because it is more secure.

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