Printer for printing on to clear materials in colour PLUS WHITE - help needed!

Jan 3, 2023
Hi Guys

Complete noob here when it comes to industrial printers. That said, I do have a degree in Graphic Design and did work in a printers for a short while - 20 years ago! A lot has changed with printer tech!

I need a cost-effective (i.e. relatively cheap!) way to print on to CLEAR vinyl (or similar clear plastic adhesive stock for stickers), and I need to be able to print in several colours - INCLUDING WHITE!

My initial project has long (4ft) but very narrow (2 inches) runs. I can cut by hand (strips) if needed as no die cutting needed as such, just straight cuts to make very long rectangles.

I'm looking at potential printer models that would be suitable. I found the Roland BN-20 which ticks all the boxes has the added benefit of cutting, but I don't have the budget for that unfortunately (over $6,000 Canadian)...

So I'm looking for a cheaper way to achieve good results. As I mentioned, cutting not essential. So just a decent printer that can print full colour plus white, on vinyl/plastic type materials would be perfect.

Struggling to find options. Does anyone here have a model or option they would recommend?

Thank you!

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