Issues with booklet printing on L382

Apr 3, 2021
Hi guys.
I never got a chance to print booklet on L382 correctly.
Lets say I want to print 20 page document as booklet.
So first piece of paper it prints page 1-2 and on other side of paper it should print page 3-4 from book/pdf document but it prints on that side like pages 5-6 and on second paper on first page of paper pages 3-4 but on other side of paper it prints pages 9-10 like so and so on so on..
What is happening and how to resolve that issue?
I want simply to print it in order like in document I'm printing.
So first paper on one side to print pages 1-2 from document and on other side of paper to print pages 3-4 from document.
I hope you understand the issue

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