J430W printing blank pages - not a software issue, help please

Feb 6, 2016

Pages on my J430W starting fading and now I'm just getting completely blank pages. I changed the ink cartridges and ran the cleaning program 5 times, did not help. I tried copying pages and running test pages and tried a different computer to verify it is not a software issue. The Brother troubleshooting page just says this is a "hardware issue" but suggests no cure. I've looked at videos that offer suggestions like flushing the lines with window cleaner, but I can't figure out quite how this is done.

As the attached pic shows, it looks like 2 lines are blocked and 2 are OK. Does that result in a blank page? I recall in the past when a line was blocked it would print but the colors were distorted, and I was able to fix by running the cleaning program, but not this time.

Any help or suggestions appreciated.


  • printer ink lines.jpg
    printer ink lines.jpg
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