Kyocera 5002i won't connect to it's original IP range

Feb 14, 2018
We received a new fleet of printers in 2017 Kyocera's 6052's and 5002i's it had an IP range that is static to our company and it is only for network devices so there is no DHCP scope. All was operating well until one day two printers disconnected from the network one came back online but the other did not.

1. Tested all ports cables and switches and we changed switches and cables.
2. We removed our card scanning software and added it back
3. We are able to turn on dhcp and allow it to pull its own IP and that worked
4. We changed a different IP on static range and that did not work.
5. The printer cannot ping when we have it on the static ip range

BL: How can a printer accept one IP range and reject another? We have not test much from the drivers or GPO.

Hypothesis: There might be a reject a static ip setting in some conspicuous spot please assist.


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