Kyocera Mita KM-1650 unable to setup network due to strange problem

Jun 8, 2015
Hi all, I recently got a KM-1650 which seems to work perfectly. I am able to print (with usb connection), scan, copy etc. without issues.

I have set up the printer with the USB connection on the rear and it works great. Now I would like to set it up via. the ethernet connection on the rear with our router and access it from multiple computers (and users) in our home network. There is one problem however, when I select the "Printer" function and try to go into the "Menu" I am unable to do so, nothing happens when I try (no errors etc., nothing at all). According to online documentation the network configuration should be done in the "Printer"->"Menu" menu, and I am unable to access it. Even when the printer works via. the USB connection with my computer I am unable to access that menu....

There is another problem though, when I go into the "System Menu / Counter" and I try to go into "Printer Default" (i.e printer settings) it gives me an error "Cannot be combined.". This makes no sense to me, so if someone could translate what this means I would be really greatful. What can't be combined with what? and why doesn't it let me go into the menu?

I am also not able to find the printer on our local network when I connect it to our router, but if I connect the scanner modules' ethernet to our router I am able to find the scanner. I also tried connecting both the scanner and the printer units to our router at the same time and I am only able to find the scanner.

In the maintenance mode I did a factory reset without any luck, the problem persists.

I highly appreciate any input on this matter, it is a great printer and I'd like to replace my current one completely.

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