Laser printer for tattoo stencils?

Oct 3, 2023
Hi all. Would like to ask for help for a more complex idea. I am a hobby tattoo artist an I was searching for a way to ease my work by printing stencils which can be applied after printing straight onto my customers instead of tracing by hand each design when I found the inkjet stencil ink which can be filled in a monochrome ecotank printer. The problem with this is that because I don't use the printer on a regular basis it dries out and cloggs the printer head. After many failed attempts to flush the printer head I give up and I had an idea to try the same thing with an inkjet printer this time a cartridge version : buy a new cartridge take it apart put new "filter sponge" and fill it up with the inkjet gentian violet solution. It works but it still cloggs the head ( picture attached ). Now my question, is there any way to use a laser printer for this method? Buy a monochrome laser printer, take the toner apart, clean it and fill it up with fine gentian violet powder? In all the situations I used A4 perchment paper because the normal A4 is too thick for this. Thank you a lot for your time and ideas you might have.

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