Laser Printer Recommendations

Apr 26, 2021
I'm looking to replace my wife and my cheapo 'ink-cartridge-eating' Epson and HP printers. My wife works 100% from home, and I'm 100% from home for at least the next few weeks. We really need to get a good printer/scanner in the house for both of us to use. She mostly works with 8.5x11 documents. I sometimes print 22x34 drawings to 11x17 for review and markup, so I would really like the ability to print 11x17. The drawings are illegible on 8.5x11. I'm thinking we would work with a budget up to $1k, but that is somewhat flexible. That said, we are also house shopping at the moment, so I'm not dropping $5k on a new printer any time soon. If its a nice one for $1500+, we would certainly consider it.

The printer must have the following features:
1) Laser printer (or very efficient ink/toner printer)
2) Multi-sheet document scanner capable of 2-sided scanning
3) Additional flatbed scanner for items that cannot fit through the scanner roller feed
4) Wi-Fi connectivity

The following are features that we would strongly prefer but aren't necessary:
1) Ability to print up to 11x17, with 11x17 feed tray that's separate from the 8.5x11 tray
2) Color printing
3) Duplex printing
4) High-speed scanning
5) Scan-to-PDF without the use of third-party software

We would be printing from Win10 devices, if drivers have any impact on printer choices.

What makes/models would you suggest we look at? If it's wiser to look at separate devices (i.e., dedicated printer & dedicated scanner, dedicated laser printer & all-in-one for everything else), we would be open to that as well.

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