Laserjet 1600 LCD display garbled

Sep 4, 2015
I bought the laserjet off a girl who used it to do her Open University work, she hadn't
used the original toners, though the black was at 8%. That was about a year ago.
I printed waterslide decals for some bicycles with it, I am now at 4% black. I do have a new black toner
but I am waiting for it to need it.
The LCD display, has been saying it needs the black toner replacing all year. I might have printed 30 or
40 pages in the last year. I printed 5 sheets of Decals last week, the display was fine.

I used it yesterday and the display is garbled. The picture below is probably saying the printer needs a new black
toner. The display changed when I went through the languages. It had some strange looking letters[when it was set on english] so I went through the languages to see if they changed, the display changed to how it is in the pic below.
Hopefully it's not going to affect the printers use, it's just annoying.

Is it very likely there is a repairable fault on the lcd board?

I will switch it off when I go for dinner and see if it's different when I switch it back on.


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