Lexmark laser printer ink running issue

Feb 2, 2022
Hi guys, I’ve recently purchased a second hand Lexmark laser printer, and was under the illusion it was in perfect working order as I was printing some of my artwork, which came out great. But I did a printing test, and it seems as soon as it has to mix colours that need blue, the ink runs. I also purchased a canon ink printer, but I intend to add white ink to this printer as it’s purpose is for T-shirt printing, so I can’t use that to print my artwork.

I’ve printed tests from both the Lexmark and the canon for side by side comparison, and also a print test from the Lexmark that doesn’t involve mixed colours. If anyone could let me know the reason for this or what I could do to fix it, I would be very grateful!

Thank you in advance,

Claire Bates

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