Mac Os High Sierra & MX3050

Feb 7, 2018
Hey there!

I'm trying to connect to a networked Sharp MX3050 on my macbook. We;re using it as a test before we determine if we're changing the office over to Mac's or staying on Windows.

I have done the equipmybiz tutorial, had already installed it as an IP printer and with the appropriate drivers (but did it again, because mistakes happen). I've also allowed High Sierra to do the auto install.

When I've removed printers, I have rebooted before adding new again.

Each time, no matter how it's installed, I can send things to the printer, the printer makes noise and nothing happens. I can even login to the printer and make changes that it recognizes.

This does NOT happen with Windows, and I have been able to duplicate it on other Macs with Various versions of High Sierra.

Any ideas?

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