MFC-J6545DW linux scans

Discussion in 'Brother' started by gusto51, Aug 5, 2020.

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    Aug 5, 2020
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    I had an MFC 845CW and it worked fine. This one generally works well, flatbed scans are ok, but I can't seem to get the document feeder scans to look normal. Using Simple Scan (to PDF), if I lay the pages in side ways they're scaled correctly but are 90 degrees out in landscape mode with part of it cut off. If I lay the pages in long way they're scaled correctly but are shifted too far off to the side. The only way it sort of works is if I open the handler guide all the way and put them in long way toward the front of the printer. But then the handler guide is only on one side and they skew too much when autofeeding. If I run Xsane there is a "Automatic Document Feeder (centrally aligned)" option, and it is aligned correctly but is scaled down too much. I can't seem to get them scaled correctly and aligned correctly at the same time to a portrait mode. It is wirelessly connected to a router on a network. I have a Windows7 machine and runs it ok and makes document feeder scans correctly.

    What am I missing or does will this one simply not play well with Linux?
    gusto51, Aug 5, 2020
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