MX-4141n User List

Apr 8, 2014
I am using our MS2010 AD/LDAP to authenticate users on the MFP. Is there a way to load multiple LDAP entries at one time into the Address Book? I also want to load the "Select from List" (user list) with LDAP entries all at one time, not one at a time.

Is the Address book and User list one in the same? If not what good is LDAP for user authentication if you have to enter one at a time.

Has anyone done this before?

May 14, 2014
You cannot use LDAP to load users into the built in address book, but you can set up the LDAP info in the network settings. IP_OF_SHARP_MFP/nw_quick.html

This will allow the users to use the global search function on the MFP.

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