Toner Reactive Foils (a.k.a. Fuser Foils/"SLEAKING" foil)…Need a source

Jul 11, 2020
I just need a source for the cheapest "working quality" fuser foil for laser printer/copier toner…the stuff that with heat and pressure will stick to the toner and make a hot stamp foil type appearance. I have tried expensive stuff that worked and expensive stuff that didn't work and cheap stuff that definitely didn't work, but no cheap stuff that works. I need it to be cheaper because I want to build a home-made fuser foil production unit out of an old laminator and spare parts my design will be meant for doing a lot of this stuff as a substitute for gold ink on offset press, so I need to get it somewhere between the cost of actual foil stamping and metallic inks, since the quality will likely be somewhere between the two.

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